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InnerDance Energy Immersion with Cian O'Reilly

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Rather than learn yet another specific healing modality, over this weekend we’ll immerse into the raw creative energy that all ways of healing are born from. What if the perfect ‘way’ for each individual is always already furled up within them? How can we hold space so unconditionally welcoming that your own inner 'way' unfurls itself with great grace and gentleness? Let’s explore what an authentic ecology of healing might look like.

The innerdance practice itself is super simple. You just lie down, music is played ... do nothing ... and allow everything to happen.

There’s a growing Clonakilty innerdance community holding regular practice sessions that you can become a part of after the workshop to continue this transformation.

I’ve been facilitating innerdance for two years and just returned from 6 weeks of training with the founder, Pi Villaraza, at his eco-community in the Philippines.

I trust these workshops will be very relevant to all healers, artists, changemakers, truthseekers and anyone who’s listening for the deeper call of what this life is really asking of us.  

As Pi - innerdance's originator - said to me, “Innerdance has no structure and no teacher.  The energy itself gives the structure. The energy is the teacher.  So, rather than an ego creating the structure, we get the structure of the world.  An innate structure.”

We're not just healing here ... we're healing the very root structures of the ways in which we heal.


Friday 17th April, 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Sat 18th & Sun 19th April, 11am - 6pm each day

Feel free to attend just the Friday evening session and/or the Saturday DAY,
But the Sunday is only for those who’ve attended the Saturday.

For payment, I encourage you to give whatever amount feels most joyful in your heart!
But if you want some guidance ...
Recommended contributions
€30 Friday session
€90 Saturday
€200 for the full weekend, Fri - Sun,

Any questions feel free to message me :)

To book, contact Cian:

087 751 2538

I look forward to seeing you there ☼

Still here!? Oh ... here's a little story to sing you out ...

“When I went on retreat I did a very strange thing”, Pi tells me over lunch at a veggie restaurant in Palawan. I'm trying hard to keep up with his fast flow of speech, tired after my 14 hour flight, “Innerdance was reaching a tipping point where it was just about to take off all over the world and I so much didn’t want to become yet another leader or guru that I decided to step back and retreat for two years. I think everyone expected me to sit still like a buddha under a tree or something [he jokingly mimes a serene centred posture as though it’s so not him]. “No! I filled my treehouse with books and thousands of hours of downloaded university lectures on every subject. I had people bring me - you know those big 2-inch thick sheaths of A4 paper? ... I went through ten of those a week, writing down the interconnections of everything, laying the paper all around the room drawing lines from one to the other ... this relates to that, and that relates to this over here … I had to receive the entire datastreams of everything in the world to interpret the undercurrent story of the planetary mind … [pause …] You know they lock people up for this sort of thing!”

A few hours later I’m making my bed in a light, spaceship-like bamboo structure open to the surrounding jungle’s breezes, mountains, many many animals, plants and stars. This is Maia Earth Village, the eco-community birthed by Pi and organically grown out of the principles of innerdance; trust, openness, surrender …

This should be interesting …