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Kate Finn

Kate found yoga when she was living in London in 2010. She began practicing Hatha Yoga in the Kashmir Tradition by Jean Klein, "This approach brings about an awakening of all virtual energies and enables them to fully enfold. These energies are then guided into a vertical course, which brings our whole structure to this verticality. This work generates a forefeeling of the truth. This path leads us to a meditative attitude. This meditative state, which is not a cerebral function, is a presence without objects, which is thereupon lived while objects are present."

Over the next five years in London Kate discovered and practiced many other styles of yoga including Iyengar, Ashtanga and Yoga Nidra with a wide variety of teachers.

The practice of yoga changed Kate's life in the most profoundly positive way. It gave me a tremendous sense of peace and wellbeing. Yoga saved her from the huge stresses of modern day city living, in such a way she packed it all in and decided to dedicate her life to these ancient teachings and way of life.  She  completed her initial 200hr Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance Registered School RYS 200) in October 2015, with Vidya Jaqueline Heisel, founder of Frog Lotus International and Director and Founder of Suryalila Retreat Centre in Spain where the training took place.  Kate returned to Suryalila soon after in spring 2016 and spent four months volunteering. She taught many yoga classes and practiced with and learn from many other fabulous yogis and yoginis. Kate completed a Yin Yoga Training Programme there with Josh Summers E-RYT 500, summer 2016.  In the autumn of 2016 she began the Advanced Teacher Training programme with Frog Lotus International to be a Registered Yoga Trainer 500hr and expects to be finished by the end of 2017.  Kate  was asked to be a hands on assistant with Vidya on one of her 200hr teacher trainings in October 2016, one year after completing the training herself.  She considered it an honour and a privilege and beneficial to reinforce the syllabus.

Since then Kate has been living and teaching yoga in Clonakilty West Cork, happy to be back home, in the best part of this green isle!  Her ongoing dedication of practice and training in Yoga inspires her to spread the teachings with as much love and joy as possible. Kate truly loves this work.