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Claire Murphy

Claire qualified as a Yoga Instructor in 2017 with her licence and certification in Yoga Tune Up. Claire is also currently undertaking a yoga apprenticeship in order to widen her knowledge of the principle foundations and philosophy of Yoga.  On her yoga journey for over 20 years she has practiced and embraced yoga in all of its forms and it has been a constant in her life.  Attending many many yoga classes, retreats and workshops in not only  traditional yoga styles like Hatha and Vinyasa Flow. Along the way she has also encountered and gained inspiration from many wonderful and open minded teachers who have brought  more contemporary yoga styles such as Yogalaties, Yoga to House Music, Acro Yoga, Animal Flow Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Aerial Yoga and so much more into the traditional yoga world.  She came to  realise that there is a form of yoga for everyone but the common thread is giving a person the tools with which to access their body and the freedom that this brings. It has been her lifelong goal to understand yoga and share her  experience with others by becoming an Instructor herself so when the opportunity for her to study as a Yoga Tune Up Instructor presented itself she met it with both trepidation and excitement- she felt the fear but did it anyway. So come along,  join Claire on the mat and share the learning journey.